Propane tank dating

He tells me "not to worry" as long as I use him, I have no problem.

My thing is, I had a new owned tank, and now have used tanks as replacements. If you have a problem with your tank, new or swapped out one, just bring it back to the filling station. I have had problems with a brand new and a used tank.

(Apparently from another thread in this forum, it is cheaper to buy a new one.) I had been giving all my business to this one station and the last time it was filled (actually part filled - it seemed a little light compared to the last fill at a different gas station - I got a bit suspicious recently.) it seems they switched it for a refurbished one.

While at the other gas station today (or rather yesterday - I just looked at the time), I asked questions about a mark on the tank "handle" that I wondered about and why it was put there.

Also check that your tank does not have a second colour-hi-lighted expiry date when it is returned to you after the fill, if you tank was brand new. I suspect that they will not try to rectifiy the situation judging by the attitude of the person there today. Following are two pictures of parts of the tank's "handle". If you want some free tanks, go ask a filling station if they have any with the old valves that people have left beause they couldn't get them filled. Then just go to Wal-market and pay the upgrade to new valve when you switch it out. Tank with new valve ready to be refilled and used and refilled and used... I figure it saves about 90% of a new tank down here.

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Do not depend on local gas station "pump jockey" to know all the technical answers to your questions.Exchange services also take in old tanks and recycle them by changing out old valve for new OPD valve and inspecting tanks.You as consumer basically have to know the approximate weight of a full versus a empty tank to avoid getting ripped off...Next time you have empty tank, put it on scales and check it out, it will read about 20 pounds, bring home a full one and weigh it, and it should be about 40 pounds.If you can find a good reputable tank exchange place the chances for rip off are rare. Also exchange tanks are inspected by refill facility and there for you do not have to worry about the inspections.

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